Wellspring Stones is your place if 

you are ill, or

you care for or about someone ill, or

you are in need of ease and comfort.


Wellspring Stones - your source to bring you back to being


We will help you:

     • find inspiration                                  • enhance ease
            • cultivate joy                             • improve your lifestyle
• find pragmatic tips                                  thrive better

All our work creates space for well being and helps you bring the spring back into your life.

Available now, here’s an exclusive sneak peak at one of our offerings

Do you think meditation is beyond you due to the discomfort in your body or your life?
Well, find out otherwise in Wellspring Stones’ specialized guide to meditation - Back to Being.




As a bonus you'll get immediate access to: 
White Horizon
our premiere guided visual meditation for you to relax
in your body right now.

Send it to me now for free!

And we’ll be sure to let you know when we are fully up and springing!


What We Are


We are a calm oasis. We offer clear, concise and focused life strategies for individuals living with illness.  
We know your agony is not a choice and positive thinking won’t wish it away.   
Our premise is authenticity so we only offer strategies that are practical and do-able. 

Ease your suffering and cultivate a deep wellspring of resources
created just for you to rebuild your life

 one stepping stone at a time. 


Why We Exist

There are some great resources on the internet for when you’re sick. Our computers are often our only connection to the outside world. Most of these sites are upbeat and full of great ideas. Hippy dippy and happy clappy! 

Still, they are often too cluttered with too much information and too much stimulation.  Too! Too! Too!  
They offer ideas and strategies that are too far afield from what is possible and just aren't realistic. 
And they often feel insulting because they suggest we just don’t have the right mindset
and aren’t positive enough in our thinking.

Wellspring Stones is different:

Our mission is to create a place where those suffering with chronic illness will find
the tailored resources they need to ease their suffering.

At WellSpring Stones, we aspire to bring you back to being whole, seen and happy.  

Here you’ll find

         ease & engagement                      inspiration & insight                        

connection & understanding                                                                  distraction & delight
                shade & support

What We Offer

We offer a wide scope of wellness services featuring

  1-to-1 guidance on living with illness          nutritional advice         yoga lessons        meditation instruction      

Other resources include curated and recommended
books, podcasts, audio, music, movies, television and websites for those with hours to fill.
Written short essays on single words offer insights and reflections inspired by an inspirational quote from classic literature, 
along with an image of beauty and inspiration from somewhere afield in the world - all to expand your world.

And more including... 


Land of Illness & Land of Wellness
illustrated landscapes of what it’s like to be ill and and what it’s like to be well


How to Give Yourself a Love Rub - A Guide to Self-Massage
a detailed guide to the ultimate in self-care

A Season of Wellsprings
a 12-module course designed to take in your own time and in your own way to enhance your lifestyle


Who We Serve

Our services are for those who are

chronically ill,
acutely ill, or
for anyone generally interested in enhanced wellness

We also offer support, suggestions and gift ideas for those who are
friends of someone ill, and
wellness professionals and health service providers.

We warmly welcome you.

Who We Are


Creator, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Writer


Manager, Wellness Coach


Staff Photographer and Curator


Stay Tuned!

It may seem pretty static here, but dynamic things are happening behind the scenes
as we gestate and create a magnificent and original experience for you.   

We’ll be in touch once we've emerged or check back to see what's surfaced!  

Love, the Wellspring Stones Team!