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the online oasis for those living with illness

Your source to bring you back to being to being whole, seen and happy.

We want to show you how to make your life easier, how to cultivate resilience, and how to laugh again.  We strive to ease your suffering. 

      We create space for change and through understanding the pain and loss illness causes.              

This place is a path to thriving.  

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White Horizon
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White Horizon Video Meditation

Our premiere guided visual meditation for you to relax in your body right now. Enjoy!

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We Help Through :: 

smart strategies and services to advance lifestyle skills.

promote peace of mind and nurture beauty and joy.   

clear offerings that are concise with a dash of a feisty, flexible attitude.   

joyful inspiration, creative and witty, to distract and engage you.

cultivation of wellsprings with deep resources and nourishment.

nuanced perspective because know your agony is not a choice, and
positive thinking won’t wish it away.

Our premise is authenticity and practicality, and
everything we create is for you to rebuild your life one stepping stone at a time. 

How We Differ ::

Wellspring Stones differs because I know what it’s like to be in the trenches, fighting to feel well again. I get the trap of knowing what to do, what you should do, but not knowing how to do those things when you’re too weak to even sometimes get out of bed.

Who We Serve ::

We’ll help anyone who needs it!

But primarily, our audience are those who live day in and day out with a chronic illness. They have no idea what symptoms will rear their ugly heads. And they live day to day, hour to hour. For them, living moment to moment is more than a cliche. It’s been forced on them by their body.

So that’s who we aim to help primarily. But many of our offerings and services will also help those acutely ill or even those just generally interested in living well and healthily. We also offer support, suggestions and gift ideas for those who are caregivers, friends of someone ill, and wellness professionals and health service providers.

We warmly welcome you!

Who We Are ::


Creator, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Writer


Wellness Coach


Stay Tuned!

It may seem pretty static here, but dynamic things are happening behind the scenes
as we gestate and create a magnificent and original experience for you.   

We’ll be in touch once we've emerged or check back to see what's surfaced!  

Love, Cassandra + Betty!