Abandoned in the Desert Blend

Last night I had one of those awful, very vivid dreams that woke me too early and woke me in tears.

And it’s affected my mood all day - I’m weepy, and tired, and deeply sad.

The theme of the dream was being lost, being unloved and being lonely. I felt anxious, useless, and alone. The dream also tapped into my sadness about being childless, and how this two-decade illness stole my chance to be a mother from me. So that brought up feelings of victimhood too. Yes, a rough dream. And so vivid, it all seemed too real.

I had to shift that shit, stat. Whenever I am feeling with a riptide of emotions, aromatherapy are my solace. Nothing works better and this special blend is to hold you when you feel lost and empty. So I whipped up this blend based on my feelings and intuition.

I hope you find this mix as helpful as I do.

Bergamot .png


the oil of self-acceptance

Bergamot has a calming and soothing aroma. Diffuse bergamot to relieve feelings of despair, self-judgment, and low self-esteem. The aroma can open up limiting beliefs and unlock stagnant, murky feelings. This essential oil boosts optimism, hope, esteem, and self-acceptance.



the oil of truth

Babylonians, Assyrians and Egyptians all used and valued Frankincense. Frankincense promotes feelings of relaxation and to balance mood. The aromas is a powerful cleanser of darkness and connects us to our innate truth and abilities. This essential oil helps to shift perspectives and supports us in feeling loved and safe as well as smart enough to know what we need to do for ourselves.

Hawaiian Sandalwood.png


the oil of sacred devotion

Hawaiian Sandalwood has a rich, sweet, woody aroma that instills calmness and well-being. The aroma can help you feel grounded and rooted which can encourage surrender and humility. When you’re feeling empty and unnerved with runaway worries, this oil supports feelings of clarity and acceptance.

Helichrysum .png


the oil for pain

Helichrysum can be a remedy for deep emotional pain or anguish. This oil is for those who’ve endured difficult life onslaughts, loss and events (or non-events). Diffuse this oil when feeling especially hopeless or despairing or wounded. The aroma will boost your bravery and endurance and will also help to transform whatever is painful into healing by boosting your courage and determination.

Wild Orange.png


the oil of abundance

Wild orange promotes feelings of bounty and generosity. This oil inspires a uplifted mood and supports joyful and playful inclinations. Diffuse this essential oil when you are harboring the belief that there is not enough or that you are not enough. The aroma encourages a child-like innocence and openness, before you were harmed.

Try it and let me know what you feel in the comments.

Here is a recipe card for you to download and save.

Wishing you a deep peace during these challenging days.

Abandoned Blend Aromatherapy Recipe Card.png