Float Thru a Field Blend

As the temperatures have turned warm and the cherry blossoms bloomed, I have been stuck inside. This past Thursday, I could barely move and only did 291 steps all day (according to my Fitbit). 

And after more than three weeks (I've lost count) of this extreme bombardment of my typical symptoms, my spirits were sagging and increasingly deflated.

Even after 20 years, the frustration still rises up as I try to beat back the belief that this should not be - this extreme weakness despite more than 9 hours of sleep, this weariness despite having so much to do, this sharp pain despite doing all the things.

Frustration arises when reality presents a brick wall against expectations. To say the least, it seems unjust that as the world wakes up, I am to be stuck inside and even tied to my bed. 

So I concocted this blend to evoke not only the smell of a grassy meadow after a rain, but also to carry me away from my distress. And to support and hold me while I mourned and grieved my lost ambitions. 

And then, once having moved through the sadness, to help me allow myself to be held and supported so I could simply relax and reset. 

And yes, reset my expectations too - so my frustrations abate.

Aromas can trigger both emotional and physiological responses because our cognitive function and the olfactory system are so interwoven. Therefore, scent is one of the fastest ways to shift your emotional state. Think of how quickly a perfume can conjure a memory - and the emotion around that memory. When I first started using essential oils back in the 90s, I did not know why they worked to make me feel better, only that they did. Science and my own knowledge has caught up! 

This new aromatherapy blend will bring the delicious, comforting aromas of spring indoors to you, and I've used this blend a lot over the last few weeks.

With this blend, I imagine I am being held in a hammock, swinging in an easy breeze, on a porch overlooking a green field with the sunshine sparkling the morning dew. Designed for use during the day, I especially like it on mornings when I wake feeling awful, yet again, and rather hopeless. 

I hope this diffusing mix helps you as the blend very much did me.

Basil iStock_000041637866_Large.jpg


Basil is a beautiful and useful oil for when you feel weary and unable to cope. The aroma also helps when feeling bone-tired no matter how much sleep you get. The aroma is thought to help enliven the prana, or life force, and refresh the natural rhythms and balance of the body.

Bergamot .png


This uplifting and refreshing citrus scent may help to relieve depression and tension. I love using this aroma when I wake (despite a decent amount of sleep) simply exhausted. As the “oil of self-acceptance,” bergamot boosts self-confidence and promotes feelings of optimism and hope. I love this oil especially when my inner bully is over-active.



Coriander helps on days when you are feeling very weak. The aroma also helps promote calm - especially during times of apprehension or uncertainty. Known as the “oil of integrity,” the aroma can help us shift from looking to others for validation to respecting ourselves and our own originality. Coriander assists us in hearing and honoring our inner guide.


💧💧💧Douglas fir

Douglas Fir provides a sense of rootedness which can aid in relaxation. It also provides a sense of clarity and focus amid brain fog, which is why I included this oil in this blend. Douglas Fir can also help soothe emotional pain - especially that caused by families of origin - and promote healing by shifting and opening perspectives. This scent can also help us to break out of difficult patterns.

Vetiver IN.png


Vetiver is a grass native to the tropics, and it’s earthy aroma may help promote recovery from trauma or shock. After so many weeks of feeling unwell, I love this oil as a base for blends to support me through challenging times. As a natural sleep aid, this scent can confer a sense of tranquility and peace, which I very much needed. In fact, it’s known as the “oil of tranquility,” and can help to relieve stress and to feel connected to the world and our community.

Try it and let me know what you feel in the comments.

Here is a recipe card for you to download and save.

Wishing you a deep peace during these challenging days.

Float Thru Field Aromatherapy Recipe Card.png