On How to Embrace Spring

Every Wednesday, over on the Wellspring Stones Facebook page, I hold the Wellspringer Wednesday Show at 4:00 pm Eastern Time. (Go give us a like!)

This gives you an opportunity to join the conversation on whatever we are focusing on that week.

Just as a reminder here are some of the themes and topics ::

Aromatherapy + Essential Oils to nurture resilience 

  • Bullet Journaling + Planning to help you live in the present

  • Entertainment + Arts to distract you

  • Lifestyle to inspire you

  • Mindset to cultivate fresh perspectives

  • Nutrition + Recipes to try

  • Spirituality + Seasons to create meaning

  • Yoga + Meditation to show you how to befriend your body.

I treasure this time to interact directly with you and to discover what you are feeling, thinking and dealing with and I hope you’ll join me.

Obviously, because I’m living with a chronic illness too, at times I have to postpone. But hopefully only a day or two!

This week I discuss How to Bloom this Spring ::

  • 5 ways to think about spring

  • the special full moon, a super moon, on the Spring Equinox

  • special Celtic prayers

  • how to grow and absorb our wounded-ness

Make sure you go to How to Bloom this Spring to download your free playsheet to use along with this video!

How to Bloom this Spring Mock up.png

All right, so here’s the first episode of 2019! Comment below and let me know what you think!


News Report
An Ancient Ceiba Tree Blooms Once Again After Puerto Rico’s Devastating Storms
Huffington Post March 5th 2019 (Also appears at Atlas Obscura)
Yet an ancient ceiba tree Viequenses consider sacred is staging a remarkable comeback, one that symbolizes the resilience of the island itself for some residents.

Art Exhibit
Yayoi Kusama | Infinity Mirror Rooms
Hirshhorn Smithsonian Museum
Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors is a celebration of the legendary Japanese artist’s sixty-five-year career and promises to be one of 2017s essential art experiences. 


  • How are you embracing the season?

  • How can you boost your resilience and be bouncy?

  • How can you creativity extend your energy and ability?