On Why Style Matters

Every Wednesday, over on the Wellspring Stones Facebook page, I hold the Wellspringer Wednesday Show at 4:00 pm Eastern Time. (Go give us a like!)

This gives you an opportunity to join the conversation on whatever we are focusing on that week.

Just as a reminder here are some of the themes and topics ::

Aromatherapy + Essential Oils to nurture resilience 

  • Bullet Journaling + Planning to help you live in the present

  • Entertainment + Arts to distract you

  • Lifestyle to inspire you

  • Mindset to cultivate fresh perspectives

  • Nutrition + Recipes to try

  • Spirituality + Seasons to create meaning

  • Yoga + Meditation to show you how to befriend your body.

I treasure this time to interact directly with you and to discover what you are feeling, thinking and dealing with and I hope you’ll join me.

Obviously, because I’m living with a chronic illness too, at times I have to postpone. But hopefully only a day or two! This week that was the case, so the show happened on Thursday instead!

Check out the original post, Style Despite Sickness to enjoy a discussion on how to side step some of the obstacles we who live with illness often encounter.

This week I discuss why style matters and focus on how we can be more mindful and optimistic ::

  • Ease and why it has to be prioritized and what ease means.

  • Why being realistic can open up possibilities.

  • How our inner narrative affects our confidence and sense of style and why we need to be kind.

  • Why our feelings and gut reactions need to be honored.

Then I offer some specific recommendations which I provide links to below.

All right, so here’s the second episode of 2019! Comment below and let me know what you think!


Atelier Dior
The site that woke me up to fashion and style. Created by Garance Doré, artist and fashion photographer and author of Love x Style x Life, the site covers beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I love it’s down to earth tone and the gorgeous images. Garance’s voice is funny and real too.

The Violet Files
I love the editorial side of Violet Grey because I find the content so inspiring. Contemporary and fresh, the flare of classic Hollywood is sprinkled throughout making the recommendations feel classic and timeless too. They test and curate beauty products and beauty tips for guidance and inspiration. They curate the best of the French pharmacy too and include affordable items.

YouTube Channels
Lisa Eldridge Make Up
This one  Baby Bardot fresh spring is fun for this time of year. This one, that went viral - youthful make up for mature skin, is how I discovered her. It's amazing!  For when one of us wins the lottery -the bespoke fragrance experience. Another fav, is this one for self care on long haul flights; I imagine my bed is a long haul airplane and sometimes will do a “beauty day.” Since I'm home, sick and not out a lot, I enjoyed this post on zero make up essentials. This one I did, literally, with my lap top on my make up table, go, pause go (hahaha) - classic smokey eye tutorial. This make up removal one is also helpful. And maybe my all time favorite (though it’s really hard to chose just one!) is this one on a  no make up make up look. Finally, this is the one I mentioned - on how to make your face look fresh after tears. In her video she imagines sprucing yourself to meet the ex who broke your heart. I use it simply to try and look fresher after a night of insomnia and tears from the pain.

Camila Coelho
She definitely inspires. She’s Brazilian and has a fun personality. Her make tutorials are also helpful. Though many are a bit heavy with the application for my taste, I still learn a lot. I mostly love her hair videos. Here is the video on curling your hair into beachy waves with a hair straightener that I mentioned.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
I haven’t dived deep into her channel but here is the one that taught me how to do a messy bun. And here’s the recent one on her Amazon finds. Here Rosie looks into Camila’s make up bag, and it’s fun!

Teaira Walker 
She’s created a popular YouTube channel for African Americans. I appreciate her lifestyle ones (on home decor) and her grown woman chats - on how not to be bullied.

Fenty Beauty By Rihanna
Rihanna does her Tuesday Tutorials and I always learn a lot. She is also just fun to watch (obviously).

The Kindness Method by Shadroo Izadi, that I learned about from this episode of the Deliciously Ella podcast. As I mentioned, I bought and had it send from England. It will be available in the US on July 9, 2019.

The Gospel According to Coco Chanel - Life Lessons from the World’s Most Elegant Woman by Karen Karbo is a fun, quick read about Chanel’s life and values - on self-invention, on fearlessness, on money, on surviving passion and more.

The Power of Glamour: Longing and the Art of Visual Persuasion by Virginia Postrel is a lovely meditation on what constitutes glamour. I particularly love the chapter entitled, “Dreams of Flight and Transformation and Escape.” The book includes many beautiful and inspiring images too.


  • What do wish to reinvent?

  • How can you bring ease into your wardrobe?

  • What inspires you in the realm of fashion & beauty?

  • What resources do you recommend?