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Wonder Woman Blend

To get shit done

I created this blend for those special days when you wake and feel you just might be capable of tackling your to-do list. If you have brain fog, you can substitute lemongrass oil for the Melissa oil (also known as lemon balm oil). The aroma this blend provides will be like a rocket-booster and help you stay motivated. This diffusing blend also sustains energy through one of those marathon decluttering, Maria Kondo sessions - especially because of the cypress. Fire up this blend in your diffuser and get ready to celebrate your achievements.

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Yoga is the Best Medicine

The benefits of a regular yoga practice is an increasingly popular topic. Yet those who would likely benefit the most probably conclude that yoga just isn’t for them. They may think it’s too hard, too dangerous, too active and just too weird. But just because you don’t have a yoga butt and will never do an arm balance in your life does not mean you can not benefit from yoga. Yoga is a small word for a wide range of practices. The best yoga adapts to the practitioner; and the best practitioner listens to their own body and learns.

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Spring Podcast Recommendations

I listen to podcasts all the time. When I’d like distraction in my mind from the discomfort in my body, I prefer to just lay back and listen. And there is SO much excellent content out there. I’ve curated some excellent ones for you - some on health, but not all. Because we do not have to be thinking and learning about wellness all the time, right? And I’ve highlighted several specific outstanding episodes from these podcast series too.​ 

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