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About You

Do you wish to escape into a learning experience that will provide lasting benefits to your health? 
Or immerse yourself into another culture? 
Or do you need to reconnect with family or friends? Or with yourself because you lost yourself? 
Do you crave unique experiences that aren't subject to over-tourism, crowds, noise and stress? 
We have got you - and your wellbeing - covered.  
Which describes you best?



These travelers seek an immersive wellness vacation. Your primary trip purpose is to create lasting improvements to your well-being or simply to experience a break from your life. You could be looking for a healing nature experience, or a cooking class to improve food prep skills, or an immersive yoga retreat, a silent meditation week, or a specialized sleep program. You may crave a pure medical resort for a full evaluation and rest.  Or want to set up a multi-week wellness sabbatical while you work remotely.


These travelers seek to maintain wellness or engage in ad-hoc wellness experiences. Your primary purpose may be tourism or business, but you still want to stay as healthy as possible during your trip. You want organic food, a deep bathtub and a great wine list. You could be looking for the best vegan restaurants, hotels that are urban oasis, a safe running route, a visit to a day spa upon arrival, a vacation rental home with healthy amenities such as green juices and yoga mats. Or you may simply desire unique travel experiences that aren't subject to “overtourism” and crowds and the typical vacation stress.




These travelers are marking a life event or passage. You may be celebrating a milestone birthday, mourning the death of a loved one or marking the end of a relationship. You may have just quit a stressful job and crave an escape for a fresh start. Or you have just fallen in love and want to enjoy an adventure together. Whatever life passage is moving you into a riptide of emotions, good or bad, travel can provide perspective, a needed change-of-scene, or a restorative time away from your daily life. You are in a tender state and need special care.


You are a committed health professional who wants to create an intimate and all-inclusive retreat so your clientele can make lasting changes in their lives. By learning from you in a concentrated way, you will support and solidify the wellness of your beloved patrons. And I’ll handle all the logistics and create all you need to promote your retreat. Whether you wish them to experience the healing effects of nature, to enjoy a technology diet, or deepen their own skills, your clients will return home your biggest fans.


Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.
— Seneca
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I love to create bespoke and special travel experiences that support your wellness. First and foremost, that means stress-free. We handle every aspect of your trip to ensure that you arrive at your destination with ease and return home restored.  

Initial phone consultations are always complementary.  

Our Extras

All of our clients get extras! Who doesn’t love extras? Premier Wellness Travel is a member of Gifted Travel Network, a Virtuoso Member Agency. These affiliations enable us to offer our clients exclusive perks and benefits that include early check-in / late check-out; complementary room upgrades; food, beverage or spa credits, and more. We also enjoy access to an immense knowledge base so that you can consider extraordinary and unusual sites, scenes and sojourns. For those who engage our services, we can secure special tours, avoid hotel construction and conventions, tour guides who are scholars and more. Share your dreams and I’ll make it happen!


Get assistance for your planning and logistics. You already know where and when you want to go and want you want to do, but you appreciate that expert eye. We will handle the details and secure for you additional benefits that our affiliation with the Virtuoso luxury travel network can provide.  If desired, I can offer suggestions on special excursion or secure you travel insurance. I’ll confirm your itinerary so you enjoy a seamless, stressless experience. 

SERVICE FEE $100 per number of locations, no minimum

signature service


Experience luxury through simplicity.  I’ll attend to all the logistics and planning for a transformative time. Designed to provide you with unparalleled access to fully explore your destination, we look after your trip in its entirety. Anything is possible - from private adventures, romantic dinners, historic sites, cultural events and more. This white-glove level of service is like no other.  I create a bespoke itinerary of ideas and encounters so you are treated like a star every step of the way.

SERVICE FEE $150 per days of travel, 3 days minimum

Ultimate Service


Business travelers encounter a special type of stress. She often doesn’t know what continent she’s on as sleep is disrupted. The female traveler needs to feel safe. Business burnout often means that wellbeing falls by the way side. You need an urban oasis where you can easily get nourishing, healthy food; a relaxing massage upon arrival to help you settle in; light therapy to reset your body clock and more.  Let us help you arrange your travel so that your home away from home is a wellspring that nurtures you and does not drain you with noise, bland food and poor service that drives you mad.  

SERVICE FEE $100 per days of travel, minimum 2 days

Business Traveler Service


We quickly and efficiently handle your reservations if you have done your research and know where you’re going and how you are getting there. We’d be delighted to assist you at no fee and thereby offer you access to our exclusive perks through our affiliation with the Virtuoso luxury travel network. As a thank you for booking with us, you’ll also receive our free guide of essential oils for travel and how to use them.

SERVICE FEE complementary 

Complementary Service



If you travel more than fifty days a year - for business or for pleasure, this annual retainer ensures you have a partner who will make your ease a priority. We will map out your travel plans and needs so that you can stay calm, centered, rested, agile and able. Your custom designed travel experiences will enable you to live your life at your fullest potential regardless of how often you pack and unpack. I’ll help you feel restored, inspired, and pampered while you travel so you have freedom and flexibility. 

SERVICE FEE $7500, yearly

Retainer Service

We travel, some of us forever, to see other places, other lives, other souls.
— Anaïs Nin
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Why use a travel advisor?


Peace of Mind

Yes, booking vacation online or on your phone has never been quicker or easier. Still, so many travel opportunities are hidden from the consumer. You will enjoy freedom from all the stress and worry and ensure your hard-earned dollars get the best value possible. Relax and let me handle all the details for you.




The discerning traveler enjoys high standards. I listen carefully so I understand your priorities, values and desires to create personal journeys tailored to your ideal style, pace, interests and destinations. You’ll enjoy singular sites and be enchanted by knowledgable and entertaining tour escorts. We enjoy creating trips that you’ll not only enjoy but will remember the rest of your life. 




As a Member of Gifted Travel Network, I am affiliated with the worldwide luxury travel network Virtuoso. That means you get VIP perks at the best resorts, hotels, cruise lines, and tour operators around the world. I’ll secure for you special treatment and plenty of extras such as complementary room upgrades, free breakfasts, spa credits, and more. I also offer unique private after-hour tours and arrange special, memorable events. 




I provide service before, during, and after your trip. If you encounter the unexpected while you’re away, I am only a call, text, or email away. My clients are never treated like cattle or bothersome guests. Irritating phone support systems or long lines of disgruntled travelers are not good for your wellbeing, so I’ve got you. I also love to surprise and delight my customers with extras. 


The internet offers overwhelming information, and it’s easy to disappear and get lost down the rabbit hole. I cut through the clutter so you are not led astray by paid commenters or advertorials. With access to inside, accurate information, I can assist you in selecting services and properties. You’ll get the most current information so you do not land in the middle of a renovation, a large conference, or a flood.

Here’s a report from the New York Times - Are Travel Agents Back?

Agents today also know they must set themselves apart from the Web by offering special experiences that consumers can’t easily get on their own, like after-hours tours of the Sistine Chapel, tee times on P.G.A. golf courses normally closed to the public or the ability to pull some strings to get clients into that sold-out hotel or on the next flight out when bad weather strikes.

Such services often come with fees that range widely from $25 to book an airline ticket to $12,000 annual retainers. But even for budget travelers, the overall experience can offer better value, as my colleague Seth Kugel found in a recent test of agents versus online search engines. Agents won “nearly every time,” he wrote, “on both price (the objective part of the test) and service (what you might call the essay question). In other words, the agents suggested alternate routes, gave advice on visas and just generally acted, well, more human than their computer counterparts.”

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Get Started

When you begin to think about your trip, all the travel options are overwhelming. It’s hard to discern who and what to trust. Figuring it all out is a time suck. My passion is to save you from all of that.
My goal is to create ease and excitement for your travel dreams from the beginning to the end, and beyond.


travel Different | travel Well Process

01 | Dream

We connect so you can share all your dreams - for your travel and for your life. Your next trip will be more meaningful, moving you to live better every day after. 

02 | Design

Based on your desires, allow us to create a custom concierge experience with encounters that will thrill and transform you. 

03 | Enjoy

Savor all the learning, all the flavors, and all the restoration. Collect inspiration and insights. Indulge in pleasure and delights. 

04 | Enliven

After, we’ll debrief and discover ways to implement all you’ve experienced to reenergize yourself in ways that last. And to ensure the holiday never ends.


The Engagement Agreement


You promise to

  • share your dreamiest dreams

  • value yourself and your time

  • be open to ideas

  • invest in yourself

  • ask questions

  • trust expertise

  • provide input

I promise to 

  • save you time

  • extend your dollar

  • attend to every detail

  • safeguard your investment of time, energy and resources

  • design a life-changing experience

  • ensure smooth sailing and a bon voyage


We shall not cease from exploration. And at the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time.
— T.S. Eliott


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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
— Marcel Proust