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Hello Beautiful! I’m so glad you’re here.

Do you live with a mysterious, mercurial and misunderstood illness?
Do you yearn to feel less like a victim of your fate? Do you want to laugh again? And get your life back?

Hi there, I’m Cassandra, and I help women who live with chronic illness redesign their lives so they can enjoy more meaning, grace and beauty.

And I know living well while ill is not an oxymoron. I’ll give you the resources you need to ease your suffering. 

I’m a fellow chronically ill storm braver and wellness seeker. And I’ve been on this path for 20 years.
Let me show you some short cuts. We’ve got this.



When you get sick, you lose a lot. Too much. I created this guide so no matter how you wake up or however you feel, you’ve got an easy reference guide that offers 100 ideas to quickly and easily shift your energy and your day.

Whether you need to feel more beauty, more comforted, more connected, more skillful, more delight, more nurtured, more ease, more useful, more encouraged or more blessed, I’ve got you covered.

And I promise, I know what it’s like to be in the trenches of a debilitating chronic illness. It’s all doable. We are all about the doable here.

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This is your oasis

This is a place to rest and regroup and where you can learn how to effectively help yourself feel better. Here your illness is known to be real, so we won’t suggest spinning up green juices when you can’t even get to the store. This is also the place to find distractions from your grief. And where you begin to rebuild your life by creating wellsprings you can return to again and again for renewal. Because, I know, it takes some serious “stones” to live with an illness every day.
You’re on your way now — on the path to thriving, despite it all.



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Bullet Journaling is known as a productivity and time-management methodology. When you’re sick, you’re not very productive, and you have an abundance of time. So how on earth can this tool be useful for those living with illness? Bullet journaling helps us to identify what’s meaningful, so that we ensure we use our spare energy on what we most care about so we can live our best life. It also ensures we are maintaining optimal habits for optimal health. And more.

Coming in May 2019 - Bullet Journaling for Healing course.



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Sickness is a betrayal of our body. And when you live with a chronic illness, we can feel constantly at war. When we wake, we survey the lay of the land of our body to discern what we can and can not do that day. And we feel like a victim and often a prisoner.

I’ve been practicing yoga since 1994, a teacher since 2003 and a certified yoga therapist since 2017. Yoga helped me call a truce with my body and to even be able to befriend it. Yoga therapy and meditation can give us agency over disorienting physical sensations and persistent discomfort.



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Essential oils are an integral part of my self-care apothecary.  I've used them since the early 90s, and when I got sick in 2000, I became even more aware of their influence on my emotional wellbeing. Whether I’m shaking my fists, furious at fate or dissolved in tears on the bathroom floor, aromatherapy helps me downshift my feelings. I use them to upshift my emotions too. Intense emotions erupt as result of living with a mysterious and mercurial illnesses, and essential oils help. Also, being often housebound or even bed-bound, essential oils are a terrific way for to bring the healing power of the outdoors in.


Walk to the well.
Turn as the earth and the moon turn,
circling what they love.
Whatever circles comes from the center.
— Rumi (as translated by Coleman Barks)

Live with Ease Despite Disease

I created Wellspring Stones because when I got sick I could not find what I wanted and needed online.

It's not easy, but ease is possible.

I aspire to bring you back to being whole, seen and happy.

I've been in the trenches for nearly 20 years and have figured out a lot.

Let me guide you so you can enjoy living again too with smart strategies, great inspiration and clear, concise offerings.

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