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I design travel experiences that move you to live your best every day, in every way. 

The key to wellness travel is bespoke travel - tailored to you, your dreams, and your desires for a vital, healthy life and a seamless adventure. 

Through my networks, I offer access to extraordinary experiences and special benefits, which preserve your precious time and resources.

Enjoy peace of mind, personal and attentive support, and discerning expertise.

And ensure you arrive home better than you left, so you don’t need a vacation after your vacation. 

Travel different so you can travel well.  And not only for a happier and healthier you but for a healthy planet too. Eco-travel that minimizes environmental impact is increasingly possible.

So, whether you are looking for a full restorative retreat or à la carte wellness while you tour, my goal is to enable to you rediscover yourself while you discover the world. The most rewarding trips change us and return home with us.

Trips tailored to you. 

Trips that are touchstones.

Trips that transform.

That’s Premier Wellness Travel.



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A yoga therapist, writer, former PBS attorney, and a romantic who loves novels. Sometimes I dance solo in my apartment with the music cranked up. Mostly to Madonna. Also -

  • I read fine print so no detail goes unnoticed.

  • As a lover of history, I get so turned on by research.

  • I’m obsessed with the power of stories and love creating adventures to treasure.

  • I know how deep transformations can uplift and sustain us because I’ve taught yoga and meditation since 2002 and a yoga therapist since 2017. 

  • I believe wellness is flexible, more than a trend and includes care for our planet.

Treat yourself to designed travel that’ll restore, revive and reawaken you. I’ll attend to all the planning and particulars; Your only job is to pack, relax and enjoy.

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If you have the mind of a learner, the heart of an adventure, and the eyes of a poet, allow me the honor of designing your next journey.


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