1:1 Life Planning Guidance



Bullet Journaling is flexible, analog system for managing your energy and your other precious resources. By tracking the past, you can better order the future. If you have symptoms that come and go, you may believe it’s impossible to make plans. Let me show you how you can.

Bullet journaling is a key tool in my wellness toolbox.
No other system is as flexible to adapt to the special needs of those who live with illness.
The method of planning and tracking helps us to get to know ourselves better.

When sick, we tend to recriminate over the past (and not credit what we actually have accomplished) and discriminate against the future (and assume that we will not be able to meet our goals or keep an appointment).
Bullet journaling helps to put the brakes on both those tendencies.
And also cultivates our best selves.

Benefits OF 1:1 Life Planning Guidance ::

01 / take control of your state-of-mind and spirit, even when your body seems to have the upper hand. 

02 / create a “personal operating system” that’s is totally personal and specialized to the way your life is, right now.

03 /define what truly matters so you can focus on those things, or habits, or priorities.

04 / increase your confidence by tracking and honoring what you do accomplish.

05 / boost your awareness to get back in touch with what’s actually going on so you can navigate your life better.

With personalized guidance, I’ll show you some key adaptations to the bullet journal method that will help you live your best life. By getting clear on what you want to feel, I will show you the way to accomplish your goals. I’ll teach you new tools to begin and maintain your practice and give you a yoga practice so you can alleviate your specific symptoms.

My goal ::

My #1 goal is to get you 100% self-sufficient and self-reliant and confident in your journaling so that you can plan with ease and without doubt. Let me guide you there.

How it works :: 

  • Complete a preliminary application.

  • Meet with Cassandra for a quick introductory 15 minutes to ensure this is 100% the perfect next step to boost your vitality.

  • When accepted, fill out our 1:1 Client Profile Form so we can get to know you better.

  • Read the Client Agreement and sign.

  • Process your payment and schedule your appointments. We’ll do these over Skype or phone.

  • We’ll get started and you on your way to being an accomplished and excited planner!

Program Investment ::

2 sessions over 1 month is $350/month.

We reevaluate at the end to evaluate if you would need or would like to continue.

I also offer one-off “tune-ups” for past clients at an hourly rate of $200/hour.

About Your Guide ::

Cassandra writing .png

Way back when I first got sick, I tried a few times to keep a “pain journal” or a “sleep tracker,” but I eventually relinquished those efforts because I felt they made me feel more sick by focusing on it all so much.

More than 15 years later, that change when I discovered a new method that was also fun. I have been bullet journaling since 2017. I spent one day going down the rabbit hole of beautiful doodles and layouts online, and I got totally hooked. I quickly realized that this technique of planning would not only satisfy my type-A need for order (that had been mostly foiled by my illness) but also guide me to living as best I can despite my body’s abilities or brain fog. And track only those things that were going to be most productive and pragmatic for me.

After a few weeks (or longer) of a flare, when I reemerge and can think and focus again, my journal will help me to spot patterns. And then I can recommit to address them. Before I started tracking, I had no way to even see patterns. I also tended to under-credit what I had accomplished, and my journal helped me to feel better because I could look back and remind myself that I did more than I remembered. I also keep a list of good programs to binge-watch on my flare days and have outlined a recovery plan so that I don’t have to try and remember when the brain fog is thick. I’d love to show you this amazing tool so we can personalize the method just for you.

Learn more about my experience, background and certifications.