1:1 Meal Planning + Hacks



We all have to eat. And every day we make choices about our food that either supports or hinders our energy, strength and wellness. The catch-22 of trying to eat well when you do not have the energy to prepare meals at home is a dilemma - one I can help you navigate.

Getting healthy food into your body is easy so easy recipes are critical and meal preps hacks are critical.
Also, when you are weak, fatigued and in pain, eating is not top of mind.
Often, meals become a daily burden as you try and figure out how you are going to get your next meal while you are stuck in bed. And healthy meals seems like a luxurious aspiration that is too often out of reach.

But nutritious food is key to getting back on track to feeling stronger and better.
It is truly foundational. Let me help you because I have been there.

Benefits OF 1:1 Meal Planning + Hacks ::

01 | Harness the benefits of food - by learning how you can prepare healthy food you can eat.

02| Boost self-confidence - by cultivating a practice of compassion towards your body.

03 | Enjoy meals again - by learning how to store food so you are not eating the same thing all week (that is if you did manage to spend your Sunday doing meal prep!).

04 | Expand your creativity - by learning new cooking skills and fun ways to prepare meals.

05 | Increase awareness - by noticing how various foods make you feel.

With personalized guidance, we will work together to get you to a place where getting food is not a daily struggle. And where you can enjoy food and eat well. By getting clear on what you want to feel, I will show you the way to accomplish your goals. I’ll teach you new tools to begin and maintain your practice and give you a yoga practice so you can alleviate your specific symptoms.

My goal ::

My #1 goal is to get you 100% self-sufficient and self-reliant so you can enjoy food again and not feel resentful or fearful of the ongoing need to eat. Let me guide you there.

ADvantageS of a Package ::

Through a package of Meal Planning + Hacks, I offer ongoing support so you can fu —

| | Stick with it - get check-in + gentle reminders to abide by your goals and meal plans.

| | Enhanced knowledge - with tailored reading or resources so you can explore additional and supportive resources on topic on your interests.

How it works :: 

  • Complete a preliminary application.

  • Meet with Cassandra for a quick introductory 15 minutes to ensure this is 100% the perfect next step to boost your vitality.

  • When accepted, fill out our 1:1 Client Profile Form so we can get to know you better.

  • Read the Client Agreement and sign.

  • Process your payment and schedule your appointments. We’ll do these over Skype or phone.

  • We’ll get started and you on your way to being an accomplished meal planning and excited food eater again!

Program Investment ::

2 sessions over 1 month is $350/month.

We reevaluate at the end to evaluate if you would need or would like to continue.

I also offer one-off “tune-ups” for past clients at an hourly rate of $200/hour.

About Your Guide ::


Food has been a challenge for me since I got sick. Before I got sick, I never ever thought about my food or my weight. I appreciate now what a luxury that was then. Over the years, I followed a lot of bad advice (haven’t we all?).

Through the care of a very skilled acupuncturists, I experienced in my own body the power of food to be medicine or a bad drug. (There is a reason they call it a sugar high). I went from being oblivious to food - just eating whatever I could scrounge together whenever I was hungry to being much more aware and mindful of the power of food. There is a big difference between knowing these things abstractly in my head, and knowing from the experience and self-knowledge of how food affects my body, my sleep quality, my ability to move and exercise. I have also expanded my skills in the kitchen and learned how I can have easy, nourishing food without becoming a master chef.

Learn more about my experience, background and certifications.