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Mission Statement


My Commitment TO YOU

I promise to use my skills as a yoga therapist, meditation teacher, and healer to assist and lift up anyone who is enduring discomfort.  

All my work is about creating space for change.  That can be hard when we are imprisioned by illness. But I know that there's a way through. 

My goal is to give you all the tools you need so that you can help yourself and feel you have agency over your life once again.  

You will build your own wellsprings so that you can return to again and again to your own resources and repertoire for renewal and refreshment. 

Your courage will be acknowledged because I know the stones (balls) required to live with the adversity of an invisible illness. I promise I will not brush over the difficulties with destructive positive thinking that denies reality.  

You will create awareness of the effects of your physical surroundings on your welfare.  

Amid a predominance of alienation due to misunderstanding or shame, I encourage connection, community and healthy boundaries

I embrace whatever works from where ever - with discernment.  I love pragmatism.  

I would welcome the opportunity to help. 



I want to create joy.  I wish us to laugh as often as we can.

I long for a world where deep smiles in our eyes are more natural than dark circles under our eyes.

I promote restoration and yearn to see the ability to rest recognized as a strength.

I aspire to elevate wellbeing for everyone.

I work to redefine healing and wholeness for complex afflictions.

In a world where busyness is an indicia of our value, I try to shift those values so that innate worth is recognized. 

I need to make compassion and empathy a hot trend. 

I know communities are connective tissue that hold us up and can save us. I know social media provides connection and is a necessary component to creating community for those who are housebound. 

I believe stories matter.  A lot.  What we tell ourselves and others. Stories transcend time, place,
culture and personality.  Stories build empathy. We need more empathy in the world.

With a clear compelling voice, I aim to make visible the invisible agony & isolation of those living with chronic illness.