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How to Bullet Journaling For Healing



Of course you want to feel better. 

Of course you want your body, your looks, your energy, your old life back.

No one chooses to live with a debilitating, chronic illness. At least no one I know. 

You’ve heard all kinds of suggestions, and searched high and low for the right advice.

The problem is - the recommended steps for feeling better aren’t always do-able when you’re sick. And planning seems futile, if not laughingly ridiculous.

Bullet Journaling for Healing is the answer to that problem.

Now you may have heard of bullet journalling and know it’s reputation as a productivity and time managing tool. When you live with illness, productivity is not your priority - surviving is. And time is the one thing you have plenty of! That’s not what needs managing.

But as Ryder Carroll notes in his recent book on the method he developed, first and foremost, a critical aspect of the methodology is that it “helps us cultivate a better sense of ourselves.” and helps “people reconnect with themselves and the things they care about.” And in fact, in those ways, bullet journaling is very much like yoga for the mind!

Bullet Journaling for Healing is a 6 week course to help you experience well-being and joy, even with your condition.

Here’s what bullet journaling will help you do

01 / take control of your state-of-mind and spirit, even when your body seems to have the upper hand. 

02 / create a “personal operating system” that’s is totally personal and specialized to the way your life is, right now.

03 /define what truly matters so you can focus on those things, or habits, or priorities.

04 / increase your confidence by tracking and honoring what you do accomplish.

05 / boost your awareness to get back in touch with what’s actually going on so you can navigate your life better.

It’s my goal to get this course out to you as soon as humanly possible - baring any serious relapse - in May 2019! 

Track the past,
order the present and
design the future
— Ryder Carroll


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You can plan your life, even when your body seems to have the upper hand.