Special Guides for Living Well with Illness

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I am super excited to offer these guides written especially for those who live with the myriad challenges of a chronic illness - whether it’s handling a flare, maintaining a routine amid mercurial symptoms, moving your body despite pain and stiffness, or surviving the holidays.

That’s not to say that, occasionally, those blessed with health are not occasionally afflicted
with a bout of insomnia or would not benefit from self-massage.

The thing is when you’re sick we are forced to prioritize our health and wellness.
And at times we face special challenges and obstacles
such as physical discomfort when sitting still to meditate or making a plan amid brain fog.

These guides will be rolled out over the next few months, about one a month. I hope you love them as much as I loved creating them!



The Aromatherapy Guide

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Essential oils are concentrated, powerful natural oils that are derived from various parts of plants including - barks, fruits, berries, flowers, leaves, needles, peels, roots, seeds, and resins. Since ancient times, essential oils have been used in wellbeing practices. Essential oils are an integral part of a self-care apothecary because of their powerful influence on emotional wellbeing and the trauma of chronic illness. They help with the riptide of emotions that result from living with a mysterious and mercurial illness. Essential oils also bring the healing power of the outdoors in, when your illness keeps you locked inside. This guide offers tips on how to get started, which oils are foundational, and specialized blends for when you have brain fog, feel despair or anger, or need a walk in the woods.

Coming August 2019

The Bullet Journaling Guide


This guide will show you 10 special features and adaptions to the popular bullet journaling method of planning. Bullet Journaling is best known as a productivity and time management tool. When you’re sick, you usually have plenty of time because you’ve had to cancel so much of your life. And productivity seems like a pipe dream.

This guide will show you how to use an adapted method of bullet journaling as an energy management tool so you can life your best life regardless of your physical state. Through awareness and special planning, you can harness the resources you have on the priorities that now matter most and more in the wake of illness.

Coming April 2019



Recovery  eBook Cover.png

Take the first step to recover freedom amid your flares. With this guide, we will walk you through the steps to build your own plan to recovery. It’s like being prepared for a terrorist attack; this plan is your “backpack" to grab and go. You’ll dip it into your again and again to get out of that tailspin of discomfort and distress.

We each have unique pathways to feeling better. With this template your plan will be personalized, accessible, and exact. Because a vague manual is of no use amid a crash and brain fog. And because you’ll spell out the rationales, you’ll muster the motivation to do the very things that you know will make you feel better.

Coming March 2019

The Holiday Guide

This guide features 15 easy tips so you can fully enjoy the holidays. Even healthy people feel strain and stress with all the expectations and commitments. If you’re navigating a chronic illness, these weeks only magnify those expectations and widens the gap between all the busyness of the season and the forced stillness of illness. You’re not alone with these difficulties and with these tips you can make sure you start the year without feeling depleted and depressed. The guide also includes a curated list of helpful resources.  Start on your way to special days of wonder, ease, connection and enjoyment of this special time of year.  

Coming November 2019

The Humor Guide

Humor eBook Cover.png

This guide illuminates the life lessons that hit you like a brick in the face when you get sick. Offering 101 sick things to know before you die, learn the funny, ridiculous, and astonishing lessons found in navigating life with an invisible, mercurial and misunderstood illness. And not “sick” as in cool, but literally things about being sick that are helpful to know, validating to read, and sure to make you smile in recognition. If you love someone who is sick, you’ll understand what it’s like to live with illness after reading. If you’re not sick – reading this will help you value your vitality even more. You don’t really know what it’s like to lose your health until you experience the loss. Includes a special tip from Jane Austen on how to cultivate happiness amid illness.

Coming January 2020

The Meditation Guide

Meditation eBook Cover.png

When you’re sick, and especially if there’s never an end to it, you need tools to help yourself. Meditation is the single most powerful tool in my arsenal. This ebook will show you how – with just your breath – you can stop being at war with your body and with yourself. Through the practice of meditation & mindfulness, you’ll figure out how to stop the struggle without being overwhelmed with fear. With an adapted the practice for those who are too weak to sit up or in too much pain to hold their back straight, this guide tailors meditation so you can negotiate a truce with your body. Did you know the coaches for the LA Lakers and the Seattle Seahawks teach meditation to their athletes to up their game? (They call it tactical breathing). For us the stakes are higher. Meditation is a method not to win a war (or a game) but in order to survive.

Coming July 2019


The Mindset Guide

Mindset eBook Cover.png

Your body is doing a life block! So you curse it morning, noon and night. You feel like it’s the enemy. Rightly so. You feel betrayed, assaulted and embattled. Maybe you’re not even angry because anger takes energy you simply don’t have. You just feel flattened and lost. Aren’t you tired of feeling that way? Of course, you are. I’ll show you how to live with physical discomfort and with the justified emotions that weigh down your heart. The first step is to respect what’s really going on and honoring the truth. We don’t brush over reality with fake positivity. If you don’t respect the real lay of the land, you can’t navigate the new landscape your life. Learn how to face all that without feeling overcome or overwhelmed or defeated or suffocated.  So you can cope with relapses, cultivate meaning, and create joy.


Coming June 2019

The Routine Guide

Routine eBook Cover.png

Know that regardless of how you feel when you awake, a misty morning doesn't always mean a cloudy day. And with these tips, you make room for some sun to shine. This guide features 10 pragmatic tips, things you can actually do to begin your day in the best way possible. Just incorporate these specialized rituals to give a boost and focus to your entire day. Discover easy strategies to navigate morning discomfort and disillusionment. Includes a bonus cheat sheet to remind you of these tips for when the brain fog rolls in and bonus list of invaluable tools to support your new habits. Learn how to start your day fresh no matter how awful you feel when you wake. 

Coming February 2019


The EXtreme Self Care Guide

Self Care eBook Cover.png

For those live with illness self-care is more than a trendy mantra; self-care is an imperative to prevent your disease from worsening or your symptoms flaring. This guide is for for those who need to manage a flare or crisis when you can’t think straight what to do to get yourself out of that negative feedback loop that is snowballing and back onto stable ground so your body can begin to heal itself. “Self care affairs,” as I like to call ‘em, are critical and not a luxurious indulgence. The guide includes a manifesto to get over the guilt we may feel about being a “burden” to our friends and families, tips for how to eat well when you’re too weak to prepare food, ways to incorporate easy movement and how to boost your spirits.


Coming September 2019

The Self Massage Guide

Self Massage eBook Cover.png

Ever wake up in the morning and say to yourself, “Yuck! Not again!”? Or perhaps you think something a bit more profane? I sometimes sure do! That first dawn of realization that your body hurts before you even move, that you feel too weak to sit up, that you’re going to have another day of your f*cking symptoms and that yet again things won’t get done - is overwhelming. So, it’s no wonder we oftentimes linger in bed as we try and muster the strength and courage to face our day (or to cancel our day; it takes courage to do that too!). Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. What if if there was one practice you could do to loosen the stiffness, diffuse the pain and lift the heaviness? There is. And you can. It’s called self-massage and everything you need to know is right here.

Coming May 2019


The Sleep Guide

Sleep  eBook Cover.png

Not sleeping? Sleeping troubles are a heavy boot on the gas pedal that accelerates all other physical symptoms! So it’s imperative to do all we can to boost our best rest. This guide focuses not only on the amount of sleep but also the quality of your sleep and includes specialized aromatherapy blends and recommended apps. You’ll also get a blueprint for how to set up your bedroom as a nurturing wellspring for restoration and renewal. And recommended evening routines that will cue your body for rest. There are also special tips for the chronic pain that may be disturbing your ability to fall asleep or wake you up. And a bonus list of resources to check out and try.

Coming December 2019


The Restorative Yoga Guide

Yoga eBook Cover.png

Yoga is powerful, and this guides shows you how just how powerful it can be for you. You don’t need a yoga butt to benefit from yoga. In fact, that’s not even the best part. Yoga is possible for all types of bodies and ages and conditions. If you can’t move or exercise, yoga can be your lifeline. Yes, even if your body has betrayed you. Yoga is not just about poses, the strength & the stretches. This guide will explode and evolve your yoga practice like confetti. Yoga creates space for magic to happen. If you wake up in pain and stiff or with an upset stomach, you can change the sensations in your body. Yoga will teach you your own healing power. So you can befriend your body again, despite the betrayal. And enjoy your body again - however you are, and however your butt looks like - right now.

Coming October 2019