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Coming soon -  2016, with Launch of Wellspring Stones

Here are our values.   Check them out and if you agree, please consider becoming a sponsor of our mission.   

Are you an individual?

You can grant a gift to someone you know who may be living with chronic illness.  As soon as we launch, our first product, an ebook how to give yourself a love rub, will be available for you to gift to someone you love.   This ebook is just one way Wellspring Stones helps others develop personal practice that augment the benefits of self care.   Stay tuned!   Join our mailing list and you'll be the first to hear when we are up and springing!    

Are you a business?

We are developing specific services and products to be made available for sponsorship opportunities.  

We haven't launched yet and are building our audience by creating a beautiful and truly unique online experience - an oasis for those whose life has run them dry because of illness.

Audience Potential for Wellspring Stones 

Over 14.5 million people struggle to live with a mercurial, misunderstood and mysterious illness in the United States.  

Fibromyalgia: 10 million in US   (source -
Lupus: 1.5 million in US (source -
Multiple Sclerosis: 400,000 in US   (source -
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: 1+ million in US   (source -
Rheumatoid Arthritis 1.5 million adults in US(source -

Several of these organizations note that their numbers are under counting those afflicted, a fact that affirms the invisibility of those afflicted.   And there are other chronic conditions that are not included.   

The audience is vast.  

Acute Need WellSprings Stones Will Meet

Since 2000, I've searched in vain for a resource that was truly helpful.   

  • constructive advice that is actually achievable, not too burdensome to implement.
  • accessible, easy information, not pages of impenetrable paragraphs and texts or pop up ads or forms.
  • a philosophy grounded in a relatable reality, not sappy self-help that is too aspirational and far out of reach.
  • a soothing, beautiful, spacious virtual space, a contrast to the pain, ugliness and chaos.

Unique Offerings of WellSpring Stones


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