Welcome, brave beauty!

If you’re here, it’s because, like me, you’ve tried.
You’ve really, really tried. Regular doctors. Alternative doctors. Functional medicine doctors. Naturopaths, homeopaths, every -path under the sun. And maybe some of them have helped you. I hope so!

No, you’re not crazy.
Or pretending to be sick. Your friends and family might think that. But truly, all you want is to have your old life back. Your energy, your looks, your body, your long-lost luxury to take “feeling normal”—doing your laundry, taking a shower, meeting friends for dinner, taking care of others—for granted.

You’re living with illness not because you want to, but because it won’t go away. And this is the place that gets that.

My passion is to help women living with illness redesign their lives so that they can have more ease, despite disease.

Why Wellspring Stones?
There are some great websites out there for wellness. They’re punchy, upbeat and full of great ideas. But let’s be real—you can’t always turn your bathroom into a candle-lit ashram when you barely have it in you to crawl out from under the covers. Not doable.

Here, we’re all about doable.  

About lifting you up when you can barely lift your head; about helping you make your life fulfilling and joyful when it’s confined to your house or your bed; about cultivating joy and creating beauty.

I’m a certified yoga therapist, a meditation teacher, bullet journalist and an author. Through yoga, meditation, writing, aromatherapy and other tools, my clients experience more freedom, meaning and wonder. I offer 1:1 mentorship, eGuides, eBooks, checklists, audio & video meditations, and self-study mini-courses.  I curate the amazing ocean of health and wellness information on the web so you don’t have to. And I provide ideas and ways for you to get away from it all right now on your laptop. Plus, coming in May 2019 I will be launching my first live course - Bullet Journaling for Healing. Super exciting!!

Below you’ll find ::

  • free tools to help and inspire you right now.

  • popular blog posts to start perusing.

  • ideas for next steps.


What do you need right now?

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Popular Posts to Start With

Don't Go To War IN.png

Don’t Go to WaR

“Cancer, you are going to lose and we are going to win,” declares a commercial for a prominent cancer hospital. The message personifies the illness, lists all the losses (relatives and hair) and a face then declares: “I won’t let you.” The cancer is cast in a fraught adversarial relationship. Yes, often illness feels like an epic struggle with life and death at stake. It is one. We are embattled. Still, treating chronic illness as an enemy does not work. There are three reasons why.

What I Wish I Knew.png

What I Wish I Knew

In my early 30s, in the prime of my life, I got sick. I got mysteriously and seriously sick. My world went upside down and tossed me around. I confronted the hard fact that there’s a big difference between a treatment and a cure, and it turned out doctors could offer me neither. Weeks stretched to months stretched to years, and more years and more years and more years. Now decades. At the age of 52, looking back, here is what I know now that I wished I knew then, half a lifetime ago.

Copy of Braving the Storm IN.png

Braving the Storm of Illness

What does the wilderness mean for those who live with chronic and/or invisible illness? Brené Brown talks about how theologians and poets and musicians and writers uses the wilderness as a metaphor. When we become ill, we are shoved into the wilderness. It’s a storm in the wilderness, often a perilous one. Unlike most, we don’t have a choice. We enter a vast and treacherous place and are navigating trials and obstacles in our quest for physical recovery.

Next Steps


Join us in the Wellspring Stones Sanctuary

I know being sick can be lonely.  When I first got sick in 2000, the internet was in its infancy.  (I was just grateful that CSpan was broadcasting fascinating legal arguments about the contested election!)

Technology is a marvelous tool for creating community.  That’s why I hope you’ll join us in the Wellspring Stones Sanctuary Facebook group where I post inspiring articles, moving stories and curated resources for you to discover and enjoy. 

Don’t suffer alone. Come hang out with us, virtually.

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Let’s be friends

In addition to the Wellspring Stones Sanctuary Facebook Group, I hang out online and have made some amazing connections!

I’m so grateful for the community and connection and the amazing friends I’ve made on line.

I hope you’ll connect with me wherever you hang out! I’ll meet you there! (Click on icons to connect)


What if you need more?

Let’s chat.  For a limited time, I’m offering free 20 minute strategy wellness sessions.

Recovering a semblance of a life is not a linear progression. It’s more like a spiral staircase - hopefully one that is ascending!

When I first got sick, I was scrambling and trying everything. You throw spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. And to discover what works. Don’t waste any more time.

In a free 20 minute introductory session, we’ll start you on your way to feel rebooted & refreshed.

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