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Create a life of beauty, ease and peace

The secret to living with more ease despite “dis”-ease starts
with simple strategies that make you feel more peaceful, beautiful, and alive.

We all are aware of what we should do to feel better, but somehow we just don’t {or can’t}.

I’ve got your back.

That’s exactly why I’ve created


You will be inspired to start taking small strategic steps toward living better and easier.

Because even small steps can make a big difference!

My goal is to help you

Inside myself is a place where I live all alone and that’s where you renew your springs that never dry up.
— Pearl S. Buck

Reframe :: your circumstances by exploring other perspectives and playing with ideas so that you do not suffer so much.

Reexamine :: your story and see anew with fresh eyes and witness a new way of living so that you can begin to write a new story.

Rebuild :: your life and discover free resources and ideas so you up-level your skills so that your everyday tasks are easier.

Reaffirm :: the best of life and get guidance on how to seek out joy & delight so that you experience more wonder and freedom.

Inside the three Weeks of Wellsprings

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WEEK Three IN.png

Week 1

gathers more delight and beauty.
So you can
feel less stagnant, dull & heavy
& be more vibrant, radiant & light.

Week 2

hones wellness skills.
So you can
feel less bored, feeble & stuck
& be more engaged, able & fluid.

Week 3

cultivates harmony and peace.
So you can
feel less isolated, angry, lost &
be more connected, kind & clear.

I’ve created an amazing experience for you!

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01 / Self-Agency is our #1 goal via skills you’ll be able to draw on again and again.

02 / Fresh Approaches that will upgrade your ability to have more freedom, beauty & peace in your life.

03 / Practical Steps that get and consider the very real constraints of your brain fog or weakness (or both).

04 / Accessible Information that’s easy to read and digest.

05 / Tested Strategies which will streamline your efforts and precious energy.

06 / Paradigm Shifts that’ll bypass or blow up the obstacles in your way.

07 / Essential Attitudes to promote your growth and progress.

08 / Amazing Resources galore including referrals to other curated content on the internet.

09 / Specially Designed “Playsheets” to complete and manifest your new ways.

10 / Additional free bonuses including three beautiful desktop wallpapers to inspire you along your way!


Here’s How It Works

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  • Every day for 21 days you’ll wake up to a love note in your inbox.

  • Aligned with each weeks’ theme, you’ll discover ways to bring more beauty in your life, how to improve your skills with small tools, and open up ways to feel more at peace.

  • Each missive will include

  • Bite size to provide just enough and not too much (like we mostly feel too sensitive like the Princess in the Pea, but I’m going for Goldilocks perfection!)

Join us for Weeks of Wellsprings.
Let us show you how you can have more beauty, peace and skills in your life.
I know you can do it.