1:1 Wellspring Mentoring



Live Well Despite Illness. Chaos ensues with the onset of a chronic illness. Special resources and support can provide short cuts to navigating this new life skillfully, without anger and without angst.

I know what it’s like to feel very lost when you first get sick, the fear and confusion when (if) you finally get a diagnosis, and the grief as you slowly realize that perhaps you will never get your old body and your old life back. Much of the wellness and coaching advice out there is geared for able-bodied, clear-headed folks. I laughed uproariously when it was suggested to me I should just turn my bathroom into an ashram and make green juice (maybe now the suggestion would be green celery juice specifically).

Don’t stay lost.

Let me help you by showing you the short cuts that I have figured out over two decades of living with a mercurial, mysterious and often misunderstood illness.

BENEFITS OF 1:1 Wellspring Mentoring ::

01 | Build resilience - both emotional and physical by expanding your pragmatic, do-able recovery toolbox.

02 | Live skillfully - by managing your most precious resource, your energy.

03 | Grieve mindfully - by being genuinely seen. I know that until the choice-less agony of what you have lost is acknowledged, you can not start to rebuild your life.

04 | Manage the riptide of emotions - by harnessing the power of your senses, including touch and smell.

05 | Improve relationships - by boosting your self-esteem first so you can speak your truth and set barriers to prevent thoughtless hurt.

With personalized guidance, we will work together to redesign your life so that you can live your best life. Let me show you the “sick hacks,” I have figured out over two decades. And I will not suggest you renovate your bathroom when you can’t even lift a glass of water. Promise!

Get clear on how you want to feel, and I will show you the way to accomplish your goals. I’ll teach you tools to reach and maintain your goals.

Wellspring Mentoring is our most luxurious program and responsive to whatever challenges you are facing.

Depending on your priorities, goals and needs, this mentoring program will pull from all the resources I offer :: yoga therapy, meditation, aromatherapy, journaling, meal preparations and more.

My goal ::

My #1 goal is to get you 100% self-sufficient and self-reliant so you can redesign your life to have more meaning, freedom and joy. Let me guide you there.

ADvantageS of a Package ::

Through a package of Wellspring Mentoring, I offer you ongoing support including —

| | Stick with it - get check-ins + reminders to actually do the practice at a time you designate.

| | Enhanced knowledge - with tailored resources to discover additional and supportive readings, website or podcasts on topic for your needs.

| | Reinforced habits - with 3 personalized play sheets, 2 guided meditations, and/or 2 yoga sequences to reinforce your routine and up level your lifestyle skills according to your goals and interests. Conditions could include insomnia, stomach upset, headaches, hip or pelvic pain, fatigue + more.

| | Emotional resilience - with two personalized aromatherapy blends, each accompanied with a Wellspring Wisdom card to help you understand the mix.

How it works :: 

  • Complete a preliminary application.

  • Meet with Cassandra for a quick introductory 15 minutes to ensure this is 100% the perfect next step to boost your vitality.

  • When accepted, fill out our 1:1 Client Profile Form so we can get to know you better.

  • Read the Client Agreement and sign.

  • Process your payment and schedule your appointments. We’ll do these over Skype or phone.

  • We’ll get started and you on your way to redesigning your life so you can have more ease despite disease!

Program Investment ::

6 sessions over 3 months is $450/ month.

We reevaluate at the end to evaluate if you would need or would like to continue.

I also offer one-off “tune-ups” for past clients at an hourly rate of $200/hour.

About Your Guide ::


I first fell ill in 2000. That first year I saw many doctors and even made a pilgrimage to the Mayo Clinic (which was not very helpful). Until I got a diagnosis, I felt lost in the bookstore. I walked along the shelves in the health area but without a name to what I was experience I had no category, no path forward. Books, knowledge, libraries - these were my go-to resources and how I solved every dilemma up until that point in my life. I was diagnosed with many illness and syndromes by various doctors, but none of the treatments or drugs helped me to feel much better (or they did but the side effects were as debilitating as the symptoms they were supposed to help).

I embrace pragmatism and believe that different strategies work for different people. I believe food can be medicine and help or hinder our best health. My motto is “not too tight; not too loose” and that goes with planning our weeks, how we eat, how we think about our illness, how we relate to others. Navigating that middle path takes knowledge and skill, and I would be honored to share what I’ve learned in the trenches so that you can live well as soon as possible.

Learn more about my experience, background and certifications.