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Work with me in 1:1 sessions

Just you and me. Come on and let me help you.
I am on a mission to prove that living well while ill is not an oxymoron.
Let’s redesign your life so you can enjoy more freedom, joy & meaning.
And a sense of agency over your life.

I would be honored to support you.



1:1 Wellspring Mentoring

Our most luxurious program Wellspring Mentoring will offer clarity on your priorities, goals and urgent needs. Then we will dig into your current toolbox to credit what is working (I’m sure you got a few!) and supplement with new tools and resources. Through immense support and attentive aid, you’ll begin to redesign your life. You’ll get personalized references created just for you. And learn a path forward to make your life more easy, to feel more empowered, and to enjoy more joy and laughter. When we finish, you’ll have nourishing wellsprings that you can return to again and again.

This program is a 3 months minimum commitment, with an option to continue.


1:1 Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is a personalized program of movement to address physical discomfort and limitations. We will survey what’s going on and what symptoms are the most disruptive to your life. Then I will teach you which poses you can do to alleviate your ailments and which you should avoid to prevent further harm. By the time we’re done working together you’ll have a repertoire and two personalized sequences of a yoga practice that you can do comfortably and with confidence at home.

This program is a 2 months minimum commitment, with an option to continue.


1:1 Meditation Education

Meditation can be very hard for those who are sick. Often the obstacles are based on misconceptions about what meditation is and how to do it. Through the Meditation Education program, you’ll learn various ways to meditate as well as how to modify the practice to you so that you can actually do it and can glean benefits. The goal is to make mediation a daily habit so that you enjoy less reactivity, more calm, less anger and more possibility. With personalized guided meditations, you’ll have a voice (mine!) that is guiding you according to your delineated goals and needs.

This program is a 2 months minimum commitment, with an option to continue.


1:1 Meal Planning & Hacks

We need to eat every day, several times a day. Through the Meal Planning & Hacks program, we’ll review what you’re currently doing and pinpoint where you could up-level your skills and make it easier for you to consume nutritious and delicious food. Food can make or break us and becomes more critical for those of us who live with illness. After our month together, your cooking skills will be improved and your interest in food will be refreshed.

This program is a 1 month minimum commitment, with an option to continue.



Through Life Planning Guidance, you’ll learn how to adapt the popular bullet journaling system to your own life so that you can direct your life again. Typically used for time management and productivity, I’ve adapted this journal method to manage our spare resources such as energy and ability. You’ll also discern what matters most and track only those aspects of your life that will enhance your vitality (and not make you feel more like a sick person). This method will cut through the brain fog so you are ready when you next encounter a flare. Because you will. Be ready.

This program is a 1 month minimum commitment, with an option to continue.

Have any questions? Send me an email by clicking on the envelope icon at the top of the page on the right. I’d love to hear from you!