Video Credit: Izaca Productions

Why Did I Become A Yoga Teacher?

I teach yoga because yoga saved my life. This sentiment is so common it’s become clichéd, but that’s also because it’s true for so many people. In my case, I live with a mercurial, mysterious and misunderstood illness that keeps me on my toes. I never know how my body is going to feel.   Yoga – the physical and spiritual practice – gave me many ways to cope and counteract the bad.   And I’ve been spreading the good news about yoga ever since!

I Teach Yoga Because I Love To

  • watch magic
  • create the space for change
  • convey all that I understand, know, feel and see about yoga
  • show yoga’s immense healing power
  • forge an understanding of the importance of mindfulness and yoga’s spiritual aspects
  • promote the union of “yoga body, buddha mind”
  • explain how and why yoga affects all aspects of existence
  • impart knowledge on anatomy and bodily functions
  • generate relief and delight, wonder and joy

Yoga is my passion, and I bliss in yoga every day.

What Got Me To My First Yoga Class?

Two words – love and envy.

I fell in love with a man in 1994 whose emotional strength I greatly admired. He’d overcome alcoholism and survived the sudden death of a sibling, the suicide of another and a divorce. I wondered, ”How is he sane?” He took me to my first yoga class.  As a former dancer I enjoyed flexibility that enabled me not to completely embarrass myself, but I have to admit – the yoga studio looked like a torture chamber! Bizarre wood contraptions lined up along the side of the room, and forbidding ropes hung from the walls and the ceiling. After he and I parted ways, I found I still yearned for him. I missed his fortitude.  I discerned he got that from his yoga, and I wanted some of that. So, I walked into my second yoga class, and I fell in love again. Hard and deep!

What Is My Training and Experience?

My training to teach yoga began in 2002. After some initial Iyengar training with Theresa Rowland of Studio Yoga in New Jersey, I did most of my teaching training at  Om Yoga Center  in lower Manhattan. Om Yoga Center was a pretty awesome place, and I am so fortunate to be a part of that yogi community.

The eighteen months I spent over a decade ago in the intense study and practice of yoga taught me so much I could never glean from words – which was a striking contrast for me, a lawyer and writer who worshiped words and books. The lessons and knowledge I gleaned, and continue to learn, come from the practice on the mat.