1:1 Yoga Therapy



Therapeutic yoga is the application of yoga postures to the treatment of health conditions and involves instruction in yogic practices and teachings to prevent reduce or alleviate pain, suffering or limitations.

I was very fortunate. I was already doing yoga when I got sick.
I do not believe I would have thought I was capable of doing yoga when I first got sick - I was too disabled.
But at the time, a very skilled teacher gave me relief to my symptoms when nothing
the doctors were doing were working for me.
During that first very disorienting and scary year, my yoga practice empowered me to cope with the myriad of symptoms that kept popping up to assault me.

Before I got sick my practice was all about the strength, and the flexibility, and the posing;
after, my practice exploded like confetti.
There were all these other pieces in there that I had no idea even existed, and those elements of yoga were
so helpful and pivotal in helping me to live in a body that was starting to feel like an enemy.

Benefits OF 1:1 YOGA THERAPY ::

01 | Re-inhabit your body - by increasing bodily awareness and moving with the breath.

02| Boost self-confidence - by cultivating a practice of compassion towards your body.

03 | Alleviate stiffness - by moving gently to improve your flexibility and the mobility of your connective tissue.

04 | Moderate reactivity - by toning your parasympathetic system and reducing the flight-or-fight response.

05 | Improve mood - by managing stress to increase quality of life.

06 | Reduce irritability - by boosting your relaxation response.

With personalized guidance, we will get you started no matter how your body is. Yoga can be done on a mat, on a chair, and even in bed.

Get clear on how you want to feel, and I will show you the way to accomplish your goals.

I’ll teach you tools to begin and maintain to move again and give you a yoga practice so you can alleviate your specific symptoms and feel empowered again in your body.

My goal ::

My #1 goal is to get you 100% self-sufficient and self-reliant with a repertoire of poses and yoga that you can confidently do to feel more empowered with and friendly to your body. Let me guide you there.

ADvantageS of a Package ::

Through a package of Yoga Therapy, I offer ongoing support so you can re-inhabit your body with compassion —

| | Stick with it - get check-ins + reminders to actually do the practice at a time you designate.

| | Enhanced knowledge - with tailored reading so you can explore additional and supportive resources on topic on your interests.

| | Reinforced habits - with 2 customized yoga sequences designed specifically for you to have on hand when uncomfortable conditions arise. Conditions could include insomnia, stomach upset, headaches, hip or pelvic pain, fatigue + more.

How it works :: 

  • Complete a preliminary application.

  • Meet with Cassandra for a quick introductory 15 minutes to ensure this is 100% the perfect next step to befriend your body again.

  • When accepted, fill out our 1:1 Client Profile Form so we can get to know you better.

  • Read the Client Agreement and sign.

  • Process your payment and schedule your appointments. We’ll do these over Skype or phone.

  • We’ll get started and you on your way to being an accomplished and excited yogi!

Program Investment ::

4 sessions over 2 months is $350/month.

We reevaluate at the end to evaluate if you would need or would like to continue.

I also offer one-off “tune-ups” for past clients at an hourly rate of $200/hour.

About Your Guide ::

A yogini since 1994, I just love teaching the benefits of yoga. Teaching since 2002, I got certified as a teacher in 2003 and secured certification as a yoga therapist in 2017.

Cassandra w legs up the wall.png

I teach yoga because yoga saved my life, a sentiment that is so common it’s become clichéd. I know. I know. But it’s also true for so many people! While living with a mercurial, mysterious and misunderstood illness, yoga gave me the tools to cope with and to counteract my symptoms.

One translation of a yoga teacher is a darkness dispeller. I love that because yoga dissipated so much darkness for me, and now I’m keen to dispel darkness for others. I brings a sensitivity to my teaching and great empathy as well as broad and extensive knowledge from over 25 years of practicing yoga. 

Learn more about my experience, background and certifications, including Relax and Renew (TM) restorative yoga.